Warm Memories Journal For Christmas

3 of Our Fav Pie Bar Holiday Gifts

 By Antonio Hunt, Pie Bar Woodstock

Oh the holiday season, a wondrous time where we all get together to brave the wild and unique challenge that is present shopping! As you are shopping I am sure there has been that one person that no matter where you look, you simply cannot find a good present for them. Well my friend if that person just so happens to love pie, I have good news for you! This will be a handy dandy little guide to three terrific gifts for pie lovers, which should hopefully help you in your quest to get the perfect gift for that pie lover!


Perfect Pie Kits

If you have someone who loves to bake, the Perfect Pie Kit is a match made in heaven! This kit not only comes with a box of pie crust mix, which comes with a mix that is perfect for one to two pies worth of pie crust! But it also comes with a pie filling as well, which comes with flavors like our Bourbon Pecan! Now the person you are buying for may have a killer pie crust and just need a filling, or they may have the best filling in the world but need pie crust to bring it together. Well in that case you are in luck as well, as we sell both pie fillings and pie crust mixes separately as well! So regardless of whether you are going for the whole thing or just need one item, these are perfect for you!

 Rolling Pins

You can't make a pie without the proper gear, thankfully we can help you with just that. We carry in a shop locally made rolling pins, which are hand-made by our owner's neighbor! He and his son go to great lengths to make each one special, which shows how fantastic they are to use! My mom swears by them, saying she loves how she can feel out the dough so much easier as she is using her rolling pin! Plus they have a nice, stylish look that is sure to help it stand out among all your kitchen tools! Needless to say, this is one piece of Pie Bar merch, any pie lover is sure to love!

Warm Memories A Collective Journal Recounting Joy & Pie

I am so excited to discuss the newest member of our retail line: the Warm Memories Journal! This wonderful book was sparked from two of Pie Bar's Core Values: Warm Memories, and Community! This book is a nostalgic collection of stories of not only Pie Bar team members (both old and new), as well as customers who are not only frequent pie-ers but first-timers as well! Plus the book has narration from none other than Pie Bar's Owner, Lauren Bolden! The book also comes with recipes for some year-round favorite flavors, as well as for our super flaky pie crust! If the person you are shopping for loves pie and warm memories, this is a must-have for their Christmas!


Season's Greetings

Plus we have some fantastic candle scents like our Season's Greetings candles, which are a wonderful way to bring in the Christmas spirit! As you can see we hear at Pie Bar have got all sorts of wonderful, and unique items that are sure to bring a smile to that pie lover in your life! I truly hope this helps you on your quest and feel free to stop on in our shops, as we are more than happy to help and answer any questions you may have!

Looking for the perfect dessert for your Christmas dinner, well you are in luck! We have started our Christmas preorders, click right here to head on over and see which pies you want for the week of Christmas! 

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