2018 Pie Bar Gift Guide

2018 Pie Bar Gift Guide

Let’s be real, a good chunk of us have yet to go Christmas shopping – and then there’s always the question of “who are you expected to get gifts for” and “what if someone else gets them the same thing”?

Well, we’re bringing you the 2018 PIE BAR GIFT GUIDE to help take away some of that Holiday Shopping stress. The following gifts are great for family, friends, clients, and honestly, yourself, because why not? #selfcare 

One of our Pie Crust Mixes and Southern Inspired Pie Fillings (Bourbon Pecan) packaged together to make for a unique and delicious gift giving experience.

This gift is great for any hands-on folks, and the best thing about it is that it requires little to no experience! All of the directions on how to prepare the dough, fill the pie, and bake your final product are neatly organized within the contents of the box (and there’s even a homemade whipped cream recipe on the side)!

Pie Baking Class Gift Certificate

Pie Bar’s Lauren Bolden currently offers Pie Baking Classes at the Cook’s Warehouse, but come 2019, she will be hosting some classes at the shop once again! These classes are a great way for anyone to learn how to bake some delicious goodies (and again, no experience necessary)! And yes, you get to bring home your delicious creations and eat ‘em to your heart’s desire: a two-in-one value!

We will be offering Gift Certificates for the following Baking Classes:

  • Thursday, January 24th at Pie Bar, 6PM-8PM: Savory Pies! Roasted Vegetable Pot Pie & Build Your Own Savory Galette
  • Wednesday, February 20th at Pie Bar, 6:30PM-9:30PM: Cranberry & Apple Lattice Topped Pie
  • Saturday, March 23rd at Pie Bar, 3PM-5PM: Sweet Cream & Strawberry Pie

If none of these dates/times work for you – fear not! There are more baking classes being hosted at the beginning of 2019, however these will be taking place at the Cook’s Warehouse. For more information and dates on those classes, please visit their website.

*Gift certificates may not be purchased from Pie Bar for the Cooks Warehouse classes.

Pie Bar Mug and 3/4 lb bag of Cool Beans Coffee

This gift set comes with your choice of a white, red, or green ceramic Pie Bar mug and a 3/4 lb bag of Cool Bean’s Pie Bar Blend Coffee (a medium roast blend of the coffee we serve in our very own shop)!

The set is a) adorable and b) fantastic for any local coffee lovers. We can grind the beans to your liking in the shop, and these items are also available individually as well!

Pie Club Membership

Pie Bar’s Pie Club is an on-going monthly club for people who love pie. Being a part of the Pie Club means access to Pie Bar’s pies at a reduced rate on a monthly basis. Each Pie Club Membership comes with access to 1) Whole Pie per month OR 8) Slices per month for the set rate of $25.

We are now offering Gift Certificates for the Pie Club Membership, which can be purchased for:

  • 3 months
  • 6 months
  • 9 months
  • 12 months

The Pie Club Membership is the way to go for any Frequent Pie-ers you may know! We love seeing all of the friendly faces that come by the shop on a regular basis!

Pie Bar Merch

Maybe you just need to get someone a little somethin’ – nothing huge, but something special. We’ve got lots of stocking stuffers available from gift cards and pie tools to merch:

  • Nick Nacks: Pie Bar Stickers and Buttons
  • Apparel: Pie Bar T-Shirts, Sweatshirts, Beanies, and Hats
  • Baking: Pie Crust Mix, Pastry Wheels, Pie Servers, Bench Scrapers, Microzesters, Rolling Pins

Feel free to come by the shop to check out some of the little nick nacks and paddy wacks we have to offer!

We hope this gives you some gifting ideas for the holiday season! If we don’t see ya in the shop prior to the holidays (hint hint: Christmas Pie Orders, which close on Dec 16th!!), we wish you a Happy Holiday!!

- Vivian & The Pie Bar Team!

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